Konkrete Drums 2

by Soniccouture

Konkrete Drums 2 is the next level in electronic drums, offering 25 full kits, each unique, and each spanning 61 notes of the keyboard to give unparalleled variety, texture and impact.

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We pushed the limits of percussion creation with this set, including live recordings, dirty old analog synths, circuit-bent hi-fi equipment, obscure academic software algorithms and unusual acoustic spaces. Any producer who cares about drums will find Konkrete Drums 2 completely addictive. Whether you use Konkrete Drums 2 for full-on IDM, glitch, drum'n' bass, minimal or dubstep, or for adding crucial percussive accents to pop and rock drum tracks, the sheer depth of this collection will print itself all over your beats.

The Glitch Machine, included with Konkrete Drums 2, allows you to create everything from stuttering glitches to buzzing, drilling rolls simply by holding down a key and adjusting Macros. And in Konkrete Drums 2, each individual parameter can be assigned to MIDI for even more complex control over sequences.

Created with 24-bit resolution, Konkrete Drums 2 builds and improves on the highly acclaimed Konkrete Drums. The kits are bigger, at a full 61 keys, and now velocity layering is employed on certain sounds for added detail and control. The sonic range is vast, from booming subsonic kick drums to crunchy snares with tons of bite and shimmering, shifting percussion with incredible high end.

Original price USDĀ 49now USDĀ 39