Retro Computers

by Puremagnetik

Grab control of the sound chips that defined the video game soundtracks of the 1980s, now programmed specifically for Live. Whether you are looking for aliased chippy sounds, lo-fi leads or quirky percussion, Retro Computers brings some of the best things about the early 80’s right to your desktop!

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Travel back to the days when digital music synthesis was in its infancy – to an era when 8 bit was king and digital bleeps emanated from every living room. Retro Computers is a collection of digital instruments sourced from old-school classics like the Commodore 64, Nintendo NES, Apple ][ and Atari 2600.

The Computer Libraries

6581 SID Chip

Recorded directly from an original 6581 SID – the sound chip used in Commodore’s line of home computers – this library includes a palette of basses, leads and pads with a signature quirky charm.

Puremagnetik have also included a Pure SID section – simple constructions of the raw SID waveforms, without any effects or sample processing. Use them as building blocks for bigger instruments or simply load them up in all of their crunchy lo-fi glory!

Nintendo NES

Put a classic Nintendo game console right into Live. Puremagnetik sound designers have extracted this collection of blippy programs from the internal synthesizer of a vintage Nintendo Entertainment System. It includes the raw waveforms and sound effects palette that the original NES game designers used. More complex layerings of sounds for thick leads, heavy basses and more are available in the multisampled Racks.

Apple ][ Alpha Syntauri

The Alpha Syntauri was a music system designed around the expansion capabilities of the Apple ][ computer. Puremagnetik has captured the 8-bit charm of this early home computer music system and reprogrammed everything for Live. With its aliased chippy sounds, lo-fi leads or quirky percussion, this library will help you get some 1982 into your tracks.


A unique collection of instruments, kits and looped beats sourced from the original Atari 2600 sound chip – the same one that generated the classic themes for games such as Space Invaders and Pong. All sounds have been fully mapped and are ready for rejuvenation in Live.

Blip is sorted into raw "Multisample Programs", extensively tailored "Performance Racks" and six "Atari Percussion Banks" that utilize Live Drum Racks. It also contains a collection of percussive MIDI clips complete with Macro controls and extensive rack programming.

Save 20%

Original price USD 49now USD 39