ZenPad Lé Slow

by EarthMoments

Lé Slow is a collection of 400 darkly atmospheric, cinematic textures, loops and sounds, produced with musicians, producers, sound designers and film score composers in mind. The Pack is also available as part of a discounted bundle with the Poly Reverse and Waterworx Packs.

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Lé Slow’s languid, dreamy sounds draw on an array of instrumentation including electric bass and guitar, orchestral strings, piano, various synths, harp, flute, male and female vocals, an assortment of acoustic and electronic percussion, and more. The samples at the heart of the collection were recorded through tube mics and pre-amps, and by bringing state-of-the-art analog and digital processing to bear on these seemingly unremarkable sources, EarthMoments’ team of producers and engineers have conjured up a unique and cohesive library that’s anything but conventional.

To create many of Lé Slow’s atmospheric textures, the original recordings were slowed down by between 400 and 800%, revealing an incredible level of detail in each instrument. The unslowed clips, meanwhile, maintain the downtempo mood with their dynamic sensitivity, laid-back rhythms and gritty, evocative production.

Lé Slow’s nine construction kits provide a range of flexible starting points on which to base your own projects, including the Main Kit, which lays out all 400 audio clips on individual channels, complete with four powerful Audio Effects Racks, and 20 MIDI clips triggering the Drums Melodique Drum Rack. And when all you need is a single texture or loop to work into an existing arrangement, each and every individual clip and sample is easily accessible via the Live Browser. Although put together for use at tempos between 70 and 80 BPM, all of the material is perfectly appropriate for more pacy situations, too.

With its haunting soundscapes, organic grooves and spine-tingling melodics, Lé Slow will take you into inspiring new sonic territories.

To explore an even broader range of atmospheres and aesthetics, you can now pick up the ZenPad Waterworx and Poly Reverse Packs alongside the Lé Slow collection for the cost of only two Packs.

Original price USD 79now USD 63