Max for Live

Outer Spaces

by Amazing Noises

Outer Spaces is a versatile new audio processor that puts your sounds in beautiful spaces – but it goes way beyond your standard reverb. Create alien drones and endless echoes or completely transform timbres; it’s a multipurpose tool for extraordinary sound design.

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If you’re looking for deeper creative exploration with reverb, or want to give your productions a distinctive aesthetic without combining a ton of plugins, this device will deliver on both fronts. Its reverberation features let you sculpt anything from a snug room to a cavernous cathedral (or even that huge reverb sound with endless decay). But it’s the device’s other audio processing options that can be combined for radical sonic transformations.

Here’s a rundown of Outer Space’s main components:

The reverberator

Lets you model the sound spectrum, wall reflectivity and the shape of the reverberating space. You can also add "reactivity" to the walls of the simulated room, an inner energy that can make sounds evolve forever.

Filter bank with resonance and overdrive

Generate harmonic and inharmonic resonances to transform the spectrum of your sound. Tweak distortion controls to give your sound a warm and fuzzy presence, or add body to any percussive instrument.

Harmonic shift phaser

Add detail and movement to your sounds like subtle rhythmic wobbles, spectral rises, stereo phasing and wah-wah effects. Sync the phaser to song tempo, or let it evolve freely. Great for adding resonant timbres or creating hypnotic drones.

Complex delay network

Thanks to its complex network of delay lines and feedback parameters, you can also use Outer Spaces as a delay effect. The tool lends itself to designing intricate bouncing echoes and other intricately evolving spaces. Using this single device you can get more creative than ever with reverb, and sculpt unique timbres, textures and atmospheres. Outer Spaces will take your sound design to uncharted sonic territory.

Original price USD 39now USD 31