Max for Live

Tricky Traps

by Sonic Faction

16 creative contraptions spanning sequencers, instruments and MIDI effects that are tons of fun to play. They’re made to be chained together to trigger unexpected reactions and happy accidents – and they bring a new level of customised control to Push.

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This toolkit’s diverse range of devices are quick to pick up and made for hands-on play. Its quirky sequencers and playable modulation tools provide an inventive new approach to familiar music-making processes, while its set of no-nonsense instruments come with stripped-back sets of tweakable parameters. Each MIDI device and audio effect can also be accessed via a customised Push grid, giving you a range of tactile sequencing and modulation options that are totally new to Push. It works well with other controllers too, or your MIDI keyboard.

Essential sequential

At the heart of the collection are five quirky sequencer MIDI effects for quick creation of unexpected patterns, either on-screen or from Push.

4Play: a melodic step sequencer with four simultaneous play heads, each with its own speed and direction.

Radar: a rhythmic circular sequencer where each lane can run at its own speed or direction. Assign each of the four lanes to any drum rack.

Ripple: generates sound ripples that echo on a grid. Set up notes and repeaters to create self-oscillating ripple patterns.

Iso-Arp: create pseudo-random progressions within a scale and key. Great for generating melodic soundscapes that fluctuate over time.

Ripkord: combined chord generator and arpeggiator/sequencer. Quickly build in-key chord progressions and run the chord set through an expressive arpeggiator/sequencer for transcendent melodic patterns.

Sound control

Three audio effects with creative control mapping for effects and parameters – plus customised control from Push.

Grid Ninja: assign eight Push or keyboard-mapped macros to any parameter in Live and get tweaking: when the knob is released it snaps back to zero, so it’s great for hands-on triggering of momentary effects.

Seq-Mod: Assign this 64 step sequencer to any parameter in Live. Use the Push grid to draw in your sequence and the slider to manipulate the modulation range.

XYZed: Inspired by modular X-Y sequencers, this unorthodox 16-step sequencer can be assigned to any parameter in live and then fed different values and directions – often with random and unpredictable results.

Sonic playground

Eight highly playable instruments with simple and tweakable controls.

808 Bass: kicks, toms, booms and subs inspired by the iconic drum machine. Trancebot: deep and trancey lead sounds for big arpeggios.

AMBN: mellow, ambient tones made for contemplative generative sequences.

Mad FM: thick bass and lead tones with extreme FM modulation and sound mangling.

Syndrum: analog drums sounds recorded from a massive modular synth rack.

Dirty Talk: gritty vocal synth that can morph between vowels.

Tropix: sounds of marimbas, steel drums and other melodic percussion.

Glitch Thing: glitchy, twitchy, robotic and psychotic sound generator

Save 20%

Original price USD 59now USD 47