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by Max for Cats

Max for Cats’ latest creation brings the versatility of a semi-modular interface to the world of analog-modelling synthesis. Built around a flexible virtual patchbay, Pallas gives users immense control over a wide range of bold and unique sounds.

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Pallas is a Max for Live device that has been specifically designed to model all the grit, character, and charm of authentic analog sounds. Featuring eight-voice polyphony, Pallas is powered by three versatile oscillators. The device's main two oscillators allow users to mix up to four waveforms (sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth, and an additional noise generator), while the third oscillator is a wavetable-based signal generator that can also be used as an additional LFO for modulation purposes.

Pallas uses the same modulation framework as Bengal (Max for Cats' powerful semi-modular FM synthesizer) and provides many opportunities for users to sculpt their sounds: extensive envelope settings, two multimode resonant filters (with drive and morph functionality), two LFOs (one with morphable saw-triangle waves, pulse width, and phase retrigger), a ring modulator, and six native audio effects including delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift, and chorus. In addition, Pallas also includes a flexible eight-step sequencer that can be used as a signal modulator.

For those who like to dig deeper, Pallas' semi-modular capabilities make this Max for Live device's sonic possibilities practically limitless. Featuring a comprehensive virtual patch panel, users can create any number of custom signal and modulation chains simply by stringing virtual patch cords from square "output" sockets to round "input" sockets, making it easy for even beginners to have fun and get creative with Pallas' modular components. In addition, the Packs features a large and carefully crafted Preset library that can provide a useful starting point when crafting new sounds.

Like Bengal, Pallas also features a visual control panel at its center. Switchable between three modes (Scope, Phase, and Spectrum), the visual panel gives users another way to see exactly what they are creating and how each patch point and knob turn along the way is affecting their sonic creation in real-time.

Additionally, Pallas offers a Remote Control option that allows for certain important functions of the synth can be controlled simply by using a modern web browser. Users can connect using another computer, an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or just about any device that can browse the web: enter a simple URL into your browser and you can control Pallas from anywhere your wi-fi will allow you.

All of which makes Pallas just the latest indispensable device to come from the Max for Cats crew, continuously on a mission to bring modular versatility and new forms of fun, high quality sound to the Ableton platform.

Original price USD 59now USD 47