Max for Live

Stray Cats Collection

by Max for Cats

We’ve teamed up with Max for Cats and Sonic Bloom to give you a free collection of devices to keep you company at home. From synths and sequencers to effects for space and color.




The MSE synthesizer system is three components in one – the MSE synth module, the Quad, and the SEQ8. The MSE synth module is small, but mighty; it can be played either mono or polyphonically, creating anything from fat bass sounds to lush poly pads. The Quad is four MSE synths stacked together; each MIDI note will play one of the four MSE modules sequentially, like an Oberheim Four Voice. The SEQ8 is an analog-style step sequencer with eight steps, swing, integrated MIDI scaling and map function that can be used to sequence any software or external hardware synth.

MIDI Effects


Create intricate rhythmic and melodic patterns with the ConChord pulse-based chord step sequencer. Alongside the classic time, swing and play direction parameters, each step can have a variable pulse count, allowing for rests, pauses and repetitions. Each step can also generate a chord, adding an extra level of musicality to this device.

Audio Effects

Stochastic Delay

This is not your average delay – create unpredictable rhythmic effects by injecting all kinds of audio material with semi-random stochastic patterns. Set the two mathematically-driven delay engines using the Resolution and Delay units, or throw the dice for a random outcome. 


Give your work some space with Verbotron – a stereo processing reverb effect. It uses the original Gigaverb algorithm created by Juhana Sadeharju. 


Add grit and color to your tracks with Color – a sound texture device. Color is great for infusing individual instrumental parts or full mixes with a variety of vinyl noises, hiss, drive, wobble, and analog warmth. The device is a useful addition to your musical toolkit, whether you want to add a pinch of nostalgic tape fluctuation or filter a modern club track. 

Skram Delay

Get glitchy with Skram Delay – a dual channel delay effect with modulated delay times, which generates random lines of delay. Create anything from subtle changes such as slap-back or cardboard echoes to complete sonic chaos.